Archaeologica Ltd was founded in 1997. It was set up to provide offering independent and confidential archaeological planning advice to developers.  

Our aim is to manage the risk of unforeseen costs/delays and cost heritage can present. The company has the skills and experience to offer clients a service of quality and reliability using the expertise gained over 25 years.

We forge strong working relationships with our clients. We work in partnership with our clients and advise them on the best way to approach projects.  Professional expertise and good communications are at the heart of our service.

We have the skills and experience to offer clients a service of quality and reliability. comprehensive range of archaeological services across a host of commercial sectors, from support with pre-planning consultancy to full site investigations to reporting.

Heritage Consulting Services 

Our research helps identify and manage risk of major obstacles to development, possible constraints caused by cultural heritage and suggest strategies so development proceeds on schedule and budget ranging from site appraisals and input into due diligence to delineating mitigation strategies to managing publication at the end of mitigation. 

Pre planning stage

Heritage risk assessment helps screen major problems and inform initial development design. Desk based assessment and site visits allows us to identify constraints of the known and potential buried deposits, and known heritage and earthworks. 

Desk based assessments use available data and site visits to identify know heritage (buried and upstanding) and assess the potential for yet unknown heritage assets and their significance. A variety of sources including topographic surveys, historic sources, LiDAR and cropmarks are used

Planning stage

The first step is assessing a site’s archaeological potential is a desk-based assessment. Where there is demonstrable or potential heritage on the site geophysics and trial trenching contribute further to   base line data. We draft the scope of the work and analyse the data and give a considered view on the type, condition and significance of the buried or standing heritage. We offer clients options on mitigation, whether preservation in situ, by design or through archaeological sampling and recording.

We draft Heritage and Cultural chapters for EIA where the detailed impact of the development is considered in relation to the significance of the heritage identified heritage.

We present proof of evidence and representation on the effect of proposed development on Cultural Heritage for Public Inquiries. 

Where heritage assets are present, we negotiate and delineate mitigation strategies, preservation in situ, preservation by design or fieldwork. We manage the fieldwork through the discharge of the planning condition.

We manage fieldwork and advise clients on progress. Communication is key to our work and to work effectively with the Client and their planning teams.


Aggregate Extraction



Warehouse development 

Waste management

Local Authority